About us

We have made it our Mission at MeiKamp GmbH to

  • convince customers of the MeiKamp Concept: "everything from one hand"
  • reduce costs for our customers through smart logistics planning.
  • act as a direct and competent local contact for all concerns of our customers.
  • adjust in a quick, flexible and responsible manner to customer wishes.
  • minimize the cultural and language barriers between customer and manufacturer to a minimum for daily efficient business interaction.


Our Vision is to become the leading online spare part seller in the world. We achieve this, by creating the advantage of saving on costs and time and through reliability, flexibility, profit maximization and expansion.

The benefits of making MeiKamp your partner for spare part supply

One contact person

  • We provide a professional and dedicated contact person for ALL the spare parts you order.
  • You don't have to worry about finding suppliers for the spare parts you need any more. We are your centralized source!

Finding items of discontinued series… EASY

  • We can find these articles for you through our wide range of partners.
  • We have a worldwide network and can cater to all your requests.

No more follow-ups

  • We do the follow-ups with the various suppliers for you.
  • We keep you informed and up to date on the status of your order.

Lowest prices on the market

  • We already offer the best prices, but if you make bulk orders we can go even lower!

We have access to Spare parts worldwide

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia
  • AND we can deliver to you WHEREVER you are!

Complete service

  • Coordination with forwarders.
  • Preparation of customs documentation at our end.

Various suppliers, various bills is a thing of the past!

  • We prepare one neat bill with all the information you need clearly stated.

MeiKamp rules
the whole spare-parts world!